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 We aim to help ease your daily commute. Our vessels are run by certified captains and crew members who have extensive experience in navigating the waterways around Yangon. Our utmost priorities are convenience and safety for our customers, provided through reliable and efficient procedures. 


Yangon Water Bus’s history is dated back to 2016, when the professional river cruise and yacht operator and tour company Tint Tint Myanmar Group of Companies started to work to utilize its decade long water-based hospitality expertise in public focused water transportation services and help Yangon Regional Government to create a new transportation system in Yangon.

Yangon Regional Government has long envisioned to utilize the waterways surrounding the city as routes of transportation, complementary to the existing land transportation. Though there has been a long history of naval and maritime expertise in Myanmar since pre-colonial times, most of the water transportation services available for the general public are faltering in terms of both machinery and operational know-hows.

Yangon Water Bus envisions to revitalize our country’s waterways with modern vessels and international expertise for the use of the general public by providing a convenient, efficient, and reliable water transportation option.


Yangon Water Bus’s vision is to provide convenient, efficient, and reliable water transportation possibilities for Myanmar people, all around in the waters of Yangon City and Yangon Region. Yangon Water Bus would like to be the role model of water transportation systems in Southeast Asia and a forerunner of customer satisfaction with highly affordable prices and uncompromising safety standards.

Yangon Water Bus’s mission is to ease our customers’ daily commute with continuously improving services and standards in the water transportation industry of Myanmar.

Our Vessels

Yangon Water Bus’s vessels boast plush seating, premier IT systems, and modern navigation technologies, such as radar and GPS. Our vessels are checked daily for critical maintenance and routinely scrutinized for deep mechanical soundness in order to ensure highest reliability and safety.



Our modern vessels promise efficiency, reliability, and safety for your daily commute.


We care about your lifestory and all of its journeys.


Our ground staff and crew members are all well-trained to ensure passengers’ safety and satisfaction.


Our innovative ticketing system can handle both cash and cashless payment seamlessly, validating and clearing passengers efficiently and accurately.


Your concerns and feedback are of vital importance to us. We listen to you genuinely and improve our services in order to help ease your daily commute.


Our jetty waiting areas are built for the convenience of our customers with cafes and restaurants on-site. Parking, pick-up, and taxi stands are also located right outside the waiting areas.


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Bus numbers will be updated soon.

Bus numbers will be updated soon.

Bus numbers will be updated soon.

Bus numbers will be updated soon.

Bus numbers will be updated soon.

Bus numbers will be updated soon.

Bus numbers will be updated soon.


Our vessels are scheduled to reach each jetty with an average interval of maximum 20 minutes to ensure smooth, convenient flow of the passengers around the city.

We will announce changes and additions to our operation schedule from time to time as we continuously improve our services for your convenience and safety.


Tickets are valid for one use during one month for any ride between our designated jetties.


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